Got this in a trade a few months back, with premise to use as a backup for my Skylark PRS at band, but just haven't connected with it as I have with the Skylark, and hoping to get money to buy another!

Very very good condition guitar this, 24 fret rosewood board, very comfortable for my hands, the usual wide/thin neck in a very nice white finish, with the gold hardware complimenting nicely. WIlkinson hardware all standard, with the EZ Lock tuners being very stable. Wilkinson pickups also are very versatile and give a good warm sound.

Looking to get what I paid, £190 posted. Offers welcomes, or maybe even a trade, if it is the right deal!

Pics below. Excuse them as they are low quality phone pics, but you get the idea! Cheers!

Link to actual website: http://www.jhs.co.uk/vintageelectric.html