Looking for a good, fairly versatile amp. The things I want out of it are the following:

1. Good leads. I want it to "sing" and "scream" for lack of better terms.
2. Good cleans. This is just as important as leads.
3. Doable rhythm. Something powerful and not too flabby, as close to this as possible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShV8lW7HUR4 (around 5:00)
4. Darker voicing. My main and only guitar (other than a $200 POS) is very bright, even with dark pickups. An icepick amp would ruin the whole point.
5. Around $700 used, but feel free to suggest anything around $1,000

Right now, the amp I'm looking at is a Carvin Legacy. It does 1, 2, 4, and 5 in SPADES, but I fear for its rhythm ability. Going to the Carvin dealership to check it out tomorrow, but I need suggestions. Alright gear nerds, you've never let me down before. Do your worst!
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Yea, you said you wanted a dark amp, the Carvin Legacy is as bright as a sunny day.
What kind of tone are you going for, I know you want something dark to counter your guitar, but give us some bands that you would like to emulate. Also, are you willing to go used? If so, give us your location or closest major city.
You're basically right about the Legacy, except as just mentioned it is definitely a fairly bright amp. Also, it's loud as f*ck. More so than most other amps than I've played. For practice with a full band I only had the volume on 1 (with gain at about 7).

A JSX might work well, maybe a Carvin X100B if you can find one.
I have a huge fear if rays.
I think the Dr Z Maz Jr 18 watt amp might keep you happy...

I posted lost of pictures in this thread...

Might want to give er a look.

It has good cleans, and a great OD sound.
It is a little over a grand, but you said feel free...

Good hunting.
Maybe dark is the wrong word. When I say dark, I usually mean warm. Doesn't mean it cant cut through in a mix or by itself. It's hard to give a reference, because I'm not trying to cop a certain tone. I guess my main tone influences are Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Buckethead. Anything similar to any of these would be suitable:



Basically smooth leads and crunchy rhythm. I tried the X100b, and while is was SUPER crunchy and the cleans were amazing, the leads weren't as smooth as I would like and sounded quite thin. Does it smooth out when it's cranked?
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Budda Superdrive 18, maybe with a boost
Rivera K-Tre
Carvin V3
Soldano Hot Rod 50
Jet City Amps JCA100 or JCA50
Orange Dual Terror or Thunder 30
Peavey 6534+ or Butcher, JSX, 3120 with EL34s
Marshall JVM (Satch gets good results with his ), Silver Jubilee maybe with a boost
Mesa/Boogie Mark III Blue or Red Stripe, Mark IV, Dual Rectifier 2-channel, Rect-o-Verb, Tremoverb
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