finaly got an amp that i could hear lol. My old 10watt kustom just wasnt doing the trick anymore so i found a used valveking 212 on kijiji. Its in absolutely perfect condition. I have no regrets about buying it. My only concern about not being good enough for metal wasnt a concern at all after i started playing this amp. I'm just not used to the 100watts when i tried it out, i put the volume to 5 by accident and well, you know what that'll do in a small room
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i dont know if this is normal or if its a tube amp thing (my first tube ) but when i crank the gain and treble for the lead, i get a bit of a buzz. And lol i though it was on fire or something when i touched the back, it was hot, again new to tubes.
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You do know how to operate the on/standby switches for minimal tube wear right?

Also HNAD! I have the 50w combo and I love it.

EDIT: The buzz is likely the amp. You can't really crank the onboard gain into metal territory so I suggest a dirt pedal.

EDIT EDIT: Definitely stick the VK thread for yourself and check the VK wiki page.
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Yeah, the VK gets somewhat noisy with high gain.

HNAD! Visit the VK thread some time.
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just one thing, i think i know how to operate the on/standby but just in case, how do you?
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Turning on amp:
Volume(s) down, and standby switch is on...
Power on amp, and let it set in standby to warm up 2 or 3 minutes...
Take amp out of standby, and move the volume(s) up.

Shutting down amp:
Move all volumes down, and put in standby...
Turn off amp.
Put the amp set to standby (switch pointing downward) and flip the power switch upwards. Wait a minute and then flip the standby upwards.

When you want to turn it off, flip the standby down and wait for sound to die from the amp, and then turn the power off (this is just to mute the amp so you don't get any pops from the speaker, not for power concerns or anything like that).

IMO you don't need to worry about turning the volume down. I'd only do that on an amp that doesn't have stand by.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
haha yeah you could expect the VK to feedback. It's a great amp for the price, it just likes to feedback when the gain surpasses 12 o'clock.

HNAD dude
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Nice amp!

Now get to modding it.
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