Hi guys, I can't seem to figure out how to stop picking up the radio whenever I play my electric. It's only when I use the whammy pedal, which is only in one song, so it has to be something to do with that. Any help?
Also, tonight, my guitar input jack or something got messed up, like the part that's right next to the guitar input thing, it isn't connected anymore. Is there any way to fix this without have a soldering gun? Sorry if you can't figure out what I mean by this..

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You don't need a soldering gun, you need a soldering iron... and no, there isn't any way that would be less of a pain in the ass than to solder it. You gotta learn how to sometime anyway.

Anyway, if you want to stop the radio from coming through your amp, make sure everything is properly grounded. Are you plugging your amp into a 3-prong jack, or a 3-prong to 2-prong converter? You might also want to take your Whammy in to a shop to see if there's anything wrong with it, I don't pick up any extra noise with mine.

Finally, if none of that works, you could just get a noise gate.
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It is possible that your whammy pedal isn't grounded properly. And please learn to use a soldering iron. It'll make your life SO much easier. You'll save tons of money if you can do basic soldering jobs.
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My Cry Baby was picking up the radio so I sold it for an Ernie Ball Wah and the problem went away

I've heard there are mods to the CB to make this go away (I think).

Could be bad power as mentioned.

Could also be a microphonic preamp tube.

What Wah and Amp do you have? Also, find someone who knows how to solder to teach you the ropes. Get an iron that is rated between 25 and say 60 watts but no more than that. 60 is actually too high. Get some solder and some flux. Heat the metal components of where you want to solder NOT the solder or the wire itself. Youtube it.
Inductors are really bad about picking up radio stations, particularly if you have a strong signal nearby. Not much you can do aside from thoroughly shielding the inductor.