Im looking to mod the crap out of this pece of shit behringer my friend gave me. It's a stratocaster style guitar with three single coil pickups. The problem is i don't know how much it would cost me to replace everything and I also don't know where to find all these parts. All advice and help would me much appreciated.

P.S. I know that it would be cheaper to buy a new guitar, but this is more for a hobby and for practice at modding.
musicians friend is expensive, i'd try looking on stumac or warmoth or on ebay for the lowest prices, just figure out what you want on musicians friend, stumac, and warmoth and search for it on ebay or amazon, you can find loads of good gear for cheap. also check out the links at project guitar and they'll have tons of links to places to buy parts. I would sand it down myself and if it has a decent wood grain and no bad filler spots stain the wood, i did that to my squier strat and it looks nice. also mess around with some wiring schemes, just look in the ultimate wiring thread here and you can find loads of good stuff...if you really have the time and patience you could do what i've been wanting to do and wire in some effects into the guitar, been wanting to put a phaser into mine hehe

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