I'm doing some serious mods on my road worn strat, and I was wondering if it was possible to take the pickguard off completely and rear route everything?
I'm not concerned about pickup holes showing, but is there any danger in what i am planning on doing, and is it expensive/difficult to do?
Well if you're going to take the pickguard off you're going to have some awfully large empty routes, so I'd recommend just keeping the pick guard on it.

And besides, if you do rear route it the wood thickness between the original route and the rear route will be awfully thin.

Personally, it just makes more logical sense to keep it as is. Why do you want to do this, anyway?
you'd have to cut wood to fit in the currently routed holes and fit them as tight as possible, glue them in and let them dry really well, probably gonna have to use some filler too to get it completely smooth on the front, then you could rout out the back and re rout the pickup spaces on the frontso that the pickups sit on top but the wires run back through the body. of course you'll have to drill out the spots for the knobs as well. i thought about doing this, but in all honesty it would be easier to just cut out you're on body and use the wiring and the neck on the new body, just use you're current body to lay out where the bridge should be and go from there. wood isnt that expensive really either, cheaper than pickups hehe. plus if you just rerout the old body you'd be confined to doing an opaque paintjob, where as if you just made a new one you could do anything to it. i'd just make a new one, and maybe save the old body to do a crazy paintjob or drastically change the body shape on it for later or to sel

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possible? Yes.

really worth it? No.

alternatives? I'd suggest Guitarfetish (if they still sell this type) as a cheapest option, then the next up is a mighty mite body, then probably the best yo could get would be a warmoth.

remember, you get what you pay for. except with warmoth, they're a tad overpriced.
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i mean, yeah it may not really be worth it considering the trouble and basically making a new body would be almost as easy and quite rewarding in itself, but i don't know about the thread OP but i've thought about it quite a bit to do to my bass just to be able to say i did it and have the expierience.

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It's going to take a hell of a lot of effort to get the top route filler pieces to fit perfectly. Cavity routes are usually pretty complicated in design.

Why not just get a wood pickguard instead?