A penny.
He is thrown in the gutter,
turned green over years of life
flattened in little machines that
engrave a nice picture on one side,
he lays about everywhere and he is
annoying, unwanted he lives
under arcade games and
in ash trays and
in washing machines,
a poor penny does.
He is glued on to poster board
for kindergarten projects,
made into a novelty
and forgotten and forgotten,
he is simply a nuisance.

The greatest feeling is to pick up a penny
and say to yourself:
If this is Lincoln's worth,
what am I?
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
Interesting, really.
In dutch, their is a proverb 'Wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weert', meaning 'Who does not honour the small things, is not worth the great...'
I think that says alot about the universality (is that a word) of the idea.

I enjoyed reading it
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I really enjoyed this. This really makes you think about your worth in the world, compared to something as en masse as a penny, and how no one gives two shits about a penny.

However, as Karel mentioned, caring about the little things in life can lead to great rewards, and this peice exemplifies that.

once again, great job! Keep it up =)

if you get a moment, id appreciate a c4c. links in the sig. Thanks!
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I loved the first stanza. It was a creative take on a relevant issue, and almost cute, in a way.

The last four lines I didn't like. They dropped in a sudden seriousness that stole away the cute factor I had enjoyed.
Awe damn, I actually really liked it, but the last two lines ruined it for me. It's very well written and the ideas are well thought out, and I kind of took to it that the penny represented an loner or an outcast. I'm sure you intended for that though.
Either way those last two lines need to be changed. Or else it really takes away from that relation.
i like the contrast between 'tone' that greyedfire says he dislikes. i think this reminds me of bukowski - philosophic yet playful.
Very interesting approach to lyrics there. I don;t know how it would be sung and would like to hear the melody but overall I think it was unique. Nice job.
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love it, aaron. makes me think of wwII history when inflation was so bad in germany after the war that children used bills as playthings.

you'd think someone would do something. you'd think we'd change, but we don't. it's silly because this whole thing is about change, whether it's coins or making a goddamn difference.
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