so i have my Fender Stratocaster and i think that it is too tough to use my whammy bar

so i took my back plate off to see if i could loosen the tension
i found 3 springs hooking the tremolo system up to where it anchors into the guitars body i removed the middle of these springs

i am satisfied with the tremolo response but i fear this may harm my strat so i put the spring back and came too seek your advice

can i leave this spring out?
will it damage my strat?
It could make it a little flat if the strings pull too much on the bridge, and it will be less stable when used.

I had 4 springs in mine and it worked fine, maybe work out a little?
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Just for the record, im a noob to guitars so don't take my opinions too seriously.

What the springs do is to keep the entire bridge from tilting upward due to string tension. So removing one of the spring means that there are less force keeping the bridge down, which is fine, AS LONG AS your bridge is still not tilting upward.
In fact my Yamaha Pacifica 012 (a strat copy) came only with two springs, but when i changed to thicker gauges, i added another spring.

Hope this helps!
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yes you can leave it out. no it wont damage your strat.

it makes the bridge tilt forward a little is that okay?
the fender site recommends that there should be a gap of about 2mm between the back of the bridge and the body, I have mine flat to the body but it doesnt matter which way you have it. as long as its not lifted waaaay off.

Edit: I have 5 springs in the back of mine, and I like it.
Quote by fenderfreak100
it makes the bridge tilt forward a little is that okay?

won't hurt anything but it doesn't make for the best tuning stability. just let the claw out a little untill the bridge is level again. by the way jeff beck only uses 2 springs.
most strat bridges should fit flat on the body unless you have locking tuners.

Also, two springs is fine but make sure the meet they meet in a V shape on the tremolo, utilizing the furthest posts on the claw that's screwed in the body.
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2 springs will NOT hurt the trem as has been said by a few people, and it doesn't matter if you have locking tuners or not if the trem is floating. In fact, the Fender Synchronized Tremolo/vibrato/whatever you want to call it was designed to float, originally.

TS, your guitar will be FINE if you have 2 springs.
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