Hey everyone! I'm a newebie. A 44 year old "Newbie" BUT still a "newbie". I have a newer (2008) Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top (herritage sunburst cherry and it looks sweet). When I bought the guitar itself I didn't have the cash to get a Gibson Les Paul Studio and I wasn't about to buy the cheapest Gibson Les Paul model (i figured for that amount i'd be best off buying the epiphone and then upgrading it for the same amount or less) so I decided to buy the Epiphone version so I could go through it and upgrade all of the electronics. I've picked out the new toggle-switch, the new potts and a new internal 1/4" cable jack. NOW, I need all of your help picking out the pick-ups I want installed. I play mainly rock and blues if that helps any. I was going to put a new set of Seymore Duncan pick-ups in but now seeing as the guitar (for the most part) is going to be done all with Gibson upgrades I'm wondering which way to go.? Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated! Should I go with Gibson pick-ups to keep it original (upgraded) or Seymore Duncans? ALSO, which specific pick-ups (models and/or model numbers) would sound the best on this particular guitar for my style of playing? Any and all help would truly be appreciated and I can't think of a better group of people to ask this question to! You've all helped me out tremendously in the past with any questions I've had so thanks for all of your help then and thanks for your help with this topic in advance!!!

Thanks everyone,
Well a couple of things

what you don't like about current pups

We need to know all of this to truely be helpful
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