i don't mean jazz guitar solos, i mean very song-oriented chord-type stuff, stuff with more than one voice, etc.

i'm a guitarist coming from a metal background, and i'd say i'm pretty decent at the whole metal riffs/solos thing. but i'm trying to get into jazz and i'd like some song/artist recommendations. something not too hard, something to serve as my entry into the whole jazz sound.

to give an idea of what i'm looking for, i really really love the sound of this song:

and i just learned this, which i find pretty cool:

links would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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If you mean what I think I mean, you want some Joe Pass.

Here's Joe walking a bassline

My favorite guitarist (at the moment) is Johnny Smith, particularly for his use of chords and his voicings. He's not too easy to find on youtube, and this is the best I can find
really doesn't do him justice.

He also played some solo guitar, not quite as chord-centered. The only two I can think of at the moment are "Black is the Color of my true love's hair" and Debussy's "Girl with the Flaxen Hair" (I'm trying to play his version now, I had to learn how to bend my knuckle backwards for it)

It might be the lack of sleep talking, but this guy seems to dig hair