After over a year i finally got around to re-doing one of my favorite tracks "The Devil", playing in my UG Profile.

Basically this is a hard rock song, with a melancholy feel, and a few biting riffs.
Nothing overly technical at all, a couple of melodic leads, thats about it

Unfortunately there are a few "white noises" in the mix, due to me using the compressor on ReValver MKIII that i didn't pay for :p

Oh, and the bass, for now, is fake BooBass from Fruity Loops.

Comments about the song and mix are greatly appreciated

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Riiiight. Here goes.

Clean intro is nice sounding, bit too sharp of a tone for me though, I'd prefer it a bit warmer and smoother. Just my opinion though. Guitar tones for next part are pretty sweet though, got lots of grit which is good, particularly the rhythm guitar. I think the bass should have some more character and bite, and be a bit more prominent in the mix too, but I guess your bass situation isn't ideal. The drums throughout are sounding reasonable, I love the nice meaty kick drum throughout verses, gets a bit lost in the chorus though. I'm less keen on the snare though. It seems a bit weak, and not the kind I'd use for hard rock, it lacks any real body. All hits are consistently strong as well, maybe change dynamics very slightly to add a more natural feel. Ride cuts through nicely though, just maybe turn it down a touch when its the only instrument playing? Again, this is probably just my taste though. Very nice solo tone towards the end.

I actually think this is a nice sounding mix, just a few small issues. Structure of the song seems solid, so no complaints in that respect. Good job!

Maybe give mine a quick listen? its probably not your style mind:

Commenting as I listen:
Intro is cool, real nicely mixed guitars. Now into the verse. It's a cool part, better than par for the course than the modern rock genre this fits in. Liking the harmony part after the chorus. Unlike above poster, I do like snare tone. Liking the riff heavy sections in the latter half of the 2nd minute and first half of the 3rd. Bass should come where the solo bass part is, and probably throughout the whole song IMO. Really like the clean tone you've got going guitarwise throughout. Chorus is really cool, great descending, dark catchy big chorus. Solo is ok, and song fitting considering genre. Nothing speacial or shreddy, more of a "lead line" than a "solo" per se. However, think you could find a better tone for it.

All in all, reall great stuff, especially considering the genre it fits in. If half of radio rock was this good, I'd listen more often.
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