Well everyone, its been a while since ive gotten a new peice of gear for my rig. I figure its time to add to my collection of guitar stuff. most my gear is in my sig so you know what i have. I need some help deciding what to get next. Im either thinking a new guitar (rondo 7 string with emgs), a smaller new amp (was looking at the krank mini stacks. they are just so effin cute.) maybe even some pedals (though the only pedal i really want would be a looper maybe or a delay/reverb)

Now, i really dont need any of these things. But then again, im a gear head so i will anyway. I also think a new peice of gear will give me a little change, a little excitement if you will. Kinda like when you buy a new car just because you want a new car, not because your old one is broke. A new guitar would be nice, ive always wanted a 7 string and the one i mentioned has the exact specs i want for like 700 last time i checked. A new amp would be nice as well. Taking my stack to every practice is a pain,(especially fitting it in my sedan) but the tone is amazing. I was thinking a smaller version of my amp would be very nice, and i am aware of the 6505 combo's, i just like the idea of having a krank mini stack. I have also ben playing eith the idea of buying a seperate 2x12 cab. this way, i could still use my head, but it wouldnt be nearly as big of a hassel fitting it into my car for practices and such. and i could hook it up to my marshall and use them both with my head :-))

So reaally, im just looking for suggestions on stuff to buy UG! What would YOU do?
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A 2X12 cab would be a good idea, it sounds like.

Also, I would recommend a Boss DD-7 or a Digitech Hardwire DL-8. Depending on your budget, you could get both and have a nice little NGD.
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