Recorded this quickly while I was bored. It's not the greatest, and in retrospect I kind of hate the vocals. I go off key quite a bit. If you can get past that, and the stupid video attached to it (the video I wanted wouldn't import).


Any comments on here or on youtube would be very much appreciated.
Dude love it! Haha loving the harmonies in the chorus man, gives a real happy sound to the song...all i could suggest would be a to use higher key for your voice but otherwise looked like you were having fun! haha
Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words.

Other then the shaky bits at the beginning, I don't mind the lead vocals. While I agree that raising the key would probably go along way to setting that straight, it's actually the harmonies themselves that are annoying me. I find them whiny and off key or even not a very good choice as far as harmonizing options.

However; I do feel as though the last chorus before the no no no was pretty much dead on and that still makes me smile.

I also hate the way I ended it :p