So I had my birthday 2 weeks ago and got some money so i'm looking at buying more stuff. My current rig is:
Jaguar->Big Muff Pi->Digitech TSR-12 Reverb->Hot Rod Deluxe
I'm planning on selling my Big muff and PDS-1700 (which i don't use). I'm looking to pick up some of the following and maybe some other things:
Fuzz(SUF Big Muff clone, maybe a DBA Supersonic Fuzz Gun eventually as well)
Delay(Malekko Ekko 616, maybe a digital one eventually)
Tremolo (Tremulus Lune)
Flanger (Deluxe Electric Mistress possibly)
I play noisepop and shoegaze sort of stuff so i'm looking for pedals that are going to complement this. Also what Big Muff clone would be best for this? I was looking at the CWM maybe but I contacted Matt and he mentioned the Ram's Head as well.

Budget is around $700AUD + ~$100-$150 from selling pedals. So what are peoples thoughts on this? Anyone had experience with these pedals or any other suggestions?
Why not just keep the big muff if you plan on getting something similar? Anyway, I think you should look into some sort of guitar synth. Maybe an EHX Pog or Hog or something from Moog.
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Keep the Big Muff Pi, always.

For delay you might want to get something with a lot of modes and variation to create lovely walls of noise. I'd suggest the Digitech Hardwire DL-8. Tried one out not long ago and it blew my mind.

For modulation effects I've heard wonderful things about the EHX Flanger Hoax so you might wanna look into that.
Stomp Under Foot's stuff is absolutely wonderful.

You might want to consider a wah, or an envelope filter of some kind (or both) the Line 6 FM-4 is great for wacky noises and synthy sounds.

Maybe a Digitech Whammy? And yeah, two delays is a great idea.
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Well i'm into J&MC, A place to bury strangers, screen vinyl image, raveonettes, my bloody valentine, swervedriver as well as stuff by dinosaur jr and thurston moore. So something that'd get these sort of sounds.

I've considered wahs, while i'm not into the typical sounds i've seen a few bands use them more as filters which i quite liked. So i might consider one and put it after the fuzz for white noise etc.

I didn't really like the memory boy, the modulation sounded kind of gimmicky to me.
Yeah i was just wanting the delay for a larger sound as well as some oscillationy goodness, so having modulation built in wouldn't be necessary so the AquaPuss may be a good option, i found one for $125AUD + postage so that may be the go.

Yeah i was wanting to still have a similar pedal to the BMP. I was thinking one of the SUF clones as they'd have a smaller footprint and might be able to find one better suited to what i'm wanting. Possibly leaning towards the ram's head as J Mascis uses one and was also what Matt recommended.

Well I was wanting a flanger or some modulation that's quite subtle, kind of what kicks in at around 1:00 in this clip:

I think it's flanger, so i was wanting something that's going to be able to add a little more depth to leads and such.

I dig the FY-2 kit although not sure how okay i am with a soldering iron. Could probably work my way up to it seeing as i plan on making a true bypass loop for the TSR-12 so i can turn it off and probably a feedback looper eventually. I was considering the SSFG as it seems to be able to get this sort of fizzy staticy tone as well as being a bit more versatile, although i guess that comes with the price tag.

Think i might look at getting a Vox V847 wah and just use it as a filter after fuzz instead of a wah kind of like how J&MC used the fuzz wah. Anyone else have any wah recommendations? Can't stand the cry baby though
The V847 stock isn't all that different from the Crybaby, so you're gonna have to take a soldering iron to it to get the best results.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
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Ahh okay, from the demos i'd seen it seemed to have less of a quack (for lack of a better word) from what i heard
If you want some of the more complex reverse reverb/early reflection sounds, look for a used magicstomp.
Found a Shin-ei Companion fuzz clone (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190440548941&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_803wt_911) with an added tone control so that looks quite good, that works out at around $150AUD including post. Then the VRH would be ~$175 posted and the aquapuss would be $160. So any ideas what to do with the remaining ~$200-300AUD

Doubtful i'd need any more reverb at this stage. So i'm thinking either wah, modulation or a digital delay for longer delays or a combination if cheap enough.