So given GC has this 15% off sale going this weekend I've been considering buying a MFX unit like the Digitech RP1000 or something else with similar effects selection and a looper.
I really have no experience with MFX pedals, and I don't use a lot of effects to begin with. So I'm just curious what users here recommend.

Listening to youtube demo's of the RP1000 I feel like it sounds awful. That being said, I'm not really limited by budget although I am frugal, I could afford to buy "boutique" or high end individual pedals if they gave me the sound I am looking for.

I think the main effects I'm looking for are fuzz, delay, and compression/sustain, and in addition to that I want a looper. Would I be better off just buying those individual pedals? I already have chorus pedals, and my amp has two channels with plenty of distortion.
I'm trying to get tones like The Libertines/Babyshambles and Brand New's two most recent albums (Daisy, The Devil and God).
Any advice, ideas, pedals to check out would be appreciated.
if the RP1000 does not sound good, try look at Line 6 X3 live or Boss GT 10 demos

warning, the X3 live is discontinued now and a new model is going to be announced

the GT-10 is at the end of its lifespan too, but no announcement on the GT11/12.

if you like a specific tone from a band, i think an individual pedal is best for you. if you want to just tweak away and control every little parameter, check out the GT-10. the GT-10 is not for plug in play though, takes a long time to get anything nice if you aren't good at dialing an effect(this is my case)
Yeah I'm starting to lean more towards individual effects. I'm not trying to exactly replicate either of these bands, I just want to get a somewhat similar sound. I want something that is pretty easy to use, the complexity of MFX and the fact that their effects sound generic to me are the things I don't like about them.
It seems like the only down sides to individual pedals is cost and the fact that you have to have a bunch of individual things. But it seems like in general they have more character and are easier to use...
Can anyone recommend pedals for the effects I listed previously if they think that's a better choice than an MFX unit? For a looper I'd probably just a get Boss RC 2, other than that I don't know really know what to look for.
The price range for Fuzz and Delay pedals makes me very hesitant to make buy either of the two. I don't want to waste $90 on a piece of crap, I don't want to spend $300 if it's no better than something for half the cost.