I remember this scene from the movie where the parents are talking outside in lawn chairs and the dad says something and then the mom says "I think I want a divorce"... they wait a couple seconds and then laugh together. I just loved that scene cause it showed how close their relationship was.

Also, there's a scene where Donnie talks about the bunny rabbit he sees in the english class...

Are these two scenes only in the director's cut cause I just watched the normal version (again) and I didn't see them...
I watched it on TV a while ago and believe neither were present, so probably.
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i don't recall either in the "normal" version.

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I've seen both versions and I believe that those two scenes were only in the director's cut.
Damn then I wish I could get a version with all the extra scenes but WITHOUT the parts from the book from Grandma Death that remove the ambiguity of the movie (and the ambiguity makes it way better imo...)

Maybe I can splice together my own version just for me and friends.