As you can see in my sig, I have my blues and classic rock covered...but I think I want something with more balls. I'm not talking br00tz here, but something that still makes a tube screamer look tame. My budget is open and used is never a problem.

To be more specific, I'm looking for that tube-melting cranked plexi sound. Classic rock on roids, ya know?

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Any specific sound you're shooting for?
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A few to look into.

Wampler Pinnacle
Wampler Triple Wreck
Retro Sonic Distortion
Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

However, we really need to know what type of sound your going for. Brown Sound? Metal?
Get the Fulltone OCD, one of the most versatile overdrive/distortion pedals I've ever seen:


From very soft, gentle overdrives to the most hard-rocking tones. I've seen Baroness using it too, and they have awesome guitar tones. I'm in love with this thing. Oh, and please don't buy any Boss-distortions. They suck big time.

And I also agree on the Big Muff, that one's a great pedal as well.
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^ I was just about to say that one too

Also consider - Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret/WIIO/Super Charged Overdrive/SFT, Blackout Effectors Mantra, MI Audio Crunch Box, Subdecay Blackstar.

All sounded good in demos with the Blackout being one of the highest gain ones and the SCOD sounding all-round useful
WIIO or the SCOD are my two picks, the OCD is a terrible dirt box IMO not worth the money at all.
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Look into the ToneBone Hot British pedal. It's the best Marshall-in-a-box pedal I've come across.

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Yikes. Don't even bother with a Metal Muff. The Big Muff is a fuzz pedal. That's not going to produce a cranked Plexi sound no matter how hard you try.
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^That Way Huge pedal is facking sick!
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Wampler Pinnacle
Catalinbread DLS
Rothwell Hellbender

all 3 are excellent pedals
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