Hi. I have recently bought a Marshall Haze40c and I heard you can get much better amps for a very similar price.
I play mostly blues, classic rock and hard rock.
I also have huge influences from Blues Gods such as BB King, John Lee Hooker, T Bone Walker and others of the like.
Rock N' Roll Kings like Chuck Berry, Les Paul, Little Richard, and more.
Then you're more modern guys like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, and of course the Godlike Young Brothers! Angus Young & Malcolm Young!

So yeah, know any good amps?
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I know lots of good amps.

What is your budget?

Will you be returning your Haze or trying to sell it or what?

Well, my budget is from $500-$1250. I can't exactly return my haze as it has been repaired by the store I bought it from, so I guess I would have to sell it for around 3/4 of the price.
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Marshall really knows how to rip off their customers.

Tell me about it! At my local guitar store its $80 (AUS) for one of those tiny marshall MS2's!
What ever happened to the great Marshall amps of the old days?
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You could try for a Peavey Classic 30, however since your in Aus, that might be near the limit of your budget

I've heard that Peavey's aren't that good ( I want a REALLY good quality amp, especially if its out of my budget!) Do you have one/ have you played one?
The Classic 30 is far better in tone and construction than the Haze 30 imo.

Another example would be the 5150/6505 series. Those amps have been on countless gigs all over the world in all kinds of environments and they take a licking and keep on kicking. Even their lower end amps like the Valveking and Vypyrs seem to hold up pretty well.

Your budget is pretty broad and you are in Australia so I'm not sure what to recommend but I'd look for a used JCM 800, 900, DSL, TSL and possibly a new Class 5. Classic 30 is a good rec. Peavey Vypyr 60 would be good for your versatility and you do not have to use the effects if you don't want to. I also like the Vox Night Train and the Egnater Tweaker/Rebel 30.
I strongly recommend the Egnater Tweaker. One of the best mid-budget amps out there.