I guess what I wanted to convey in the music is pretty much outright insanity.
The music is fully written, fast paced, heavy, with a good amount of orchestration. Pretty moody. My main problem is writing vocals for it. I have melodies and an basic idea down, but I wanted the lyrics to feel almost schizophrenic with lots of random muttering, blood curdling screams, and spastic vocals, but not so incomprehensible or incoherent that it didn't make sense with the song.

Thing is, I can't quite "get in character" to write the lyrics for the song. Usually I can relate to the songs I write in some case, but I'm nowhere near losing my mind (hopefully). haha. The music itself is dark, brooding, kind of groovy. Anyone have any ideas or possible sources of reference to possibly look to for influence? I'm sure this has been done before, but not quite sure by who.

I'd like more than the obvious recommendations of reading some Edgar Allen Poe writings, since i've already done my fair share of that. Everyone seems to reference him when talking about darker lyrics.
im not the greatest lyricist..but what i do is usually get like lyrical ideas from similar songs and actually FEEL the emotion and the person its based on..you know what i mean? i hope it at least helps a bit..i know when i want to write a sad song and i cant i always go listen to the type of song that is most similar to it (if its an angry sad song i try that or if its like pure heartbreak i go find one like it,etc) and i try and imagine the lyrics and be the story..imagine it all in my head. get a feel for it. also try and use the guitar and stuff that resemble any voices or anything like that. sometimes helps some music.

for the actual song structure (this is what i would do anyways) maybe have some whispers for the verse and maybe some screaming in the background or whisper then scream and then the prechorus have an actual scream the whole time and then the chorus maybe have talking and someone singing a tune in the background..make it very sadistic sounding too since schizophrenics (tend to) have a sadistic sound going on in their heads.

you also want the tones in the vocals to sound sickening/angry. i would assume you have an idea of the vocalizations though. but yeah...i hope it helps a little just try and feel it. write it down, and then play around with it. if you cant seem to think it fits change it a bit. im having this kind of trouble with a song im writing at the moment but its only because i cant get into my head long enough to write a second verse to sound as evil enough as the first.. but i will get it.

(sorry my sentence/paragraph structure isnt the greatest. i dont use 100% proper english over the computer)

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I already had an idea of how the vocals would be. Layered, with whispers panning left and right, fading in and out, lots of angry growls turning into screams, etc. I just don't get what the schizo thought process is like. Like... I can't picture followin their train of thought and how to convey it in words. In the instrumentals, there's one catchy part with singing, almost like a breath of fresh air from the thundercloud of insanity always looming overhead, and that's about all I could think of lyrics for. haha.

It just seems like relating to the subject matter is awkward. I can't really tell what exactly goes on in an insane person's mind without having been insane. Are there any schizophrenic or diagnosed insane authors out there?
well not that i know of..but a quick book that might help is inside out by terry trueman ( i think thats how his name is spelled) its about a schizo kid in a store when it gets robbed..he becomes a hostage.

you could research a bit on the computer..i know that depending on what kind they have they can hear many different voices going on in their head and they tend to hold their head and speak to themselves when it happens. this is as far of knowledge to schizophrenia that i have..sorry.. but i hope it may help a little bit more. schizophrenia tend to withdrawl themselves from socializing with people or anything like that. they are very delusional and see hallucinations/illusions depending on what kind they have (like i said they hear different voices)

i think this site might help a bit if you dont like reading books or long stories and stuff:


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Gibson 2014 Les Paul Jr.
Epiphone Prophecy SG (GX? Red with Dirty Fingers?)
I'd say, listen to The Used. Try to think what it would be like to lose your mind, and try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has a mental disorder, or even better, there's a high chance you may know someone who has mental issues, ask them what it's like.
Try placing a microphone in a public place & recording blips of conversations as people go by, then make them a song. Or take a newspaper, cut it in pieces, & put the pieces together randomly & i will make as little sense as you want it to.
Try some of these songs (all of them by The Used, I'll put the albums in square brackets):

Liar Liar (Burn In Hell) [Lies For The Liars]
Come Undone [Artwork]
Blood On My Hands [Artwork]
Listening [In Love And Death]
Slit Your Own Throat [Shallow Believer] *Probably closest to what I think you want.*
Maybe Memories [The Used]
Greener With The Scenery [The Used]
Hospital [Lies For The Liars]
With Me Tonight [Lies For The Liars]
Sound Effects And Overdramatics [In Love And Death]
I'm A Fake [In Love And Death]
The Ripper [Lies For The Liars]

It's a pretty broad spectrum of their songs, but this pretty much covers the bases that I got the jist of from your original post.