Hey, I really like the sound of fingerstyle songs. Is there anywhere in particular (any site) that shows the tab up really simply for beginners?
Also what are some easy fingerstyle songs?
the only true finger style songs i know are broken by seether and one last breath by creed, both relatively easy and sound nice
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Learn Erik Satie Peccadilles Importunes or Coalwood from the October Sky Soundtrack . You can find the tabs for them here
these are a couple songs that i started with:

man of the hour - Pearljam
street spirit - radiohead
spanish romance - misc.
broken - seether
all in hands - dont know artist. Found in GP4 samples folder.

a few more difficult (+/- intermediate):
nothing else matters - Metallica
classical gas - clapton / others
wonderful tonight - clapton
F**k you gently - tenacious D
going to california - led zeppelin
black bird - beatles (people will tell you its easy, but i had a b!tch of a time getting this pattern when i learned it, so keep tryin)
Tears in Heaven?
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