Hi, so i've been browsing round recently
and it seems that building a tube amp looks very appealing to me.

I am a complete beginner and have no knowledge of electronics or tube amp building whatsoever.All i know is how to twiddle the knobs on the my vypyr haha.

Anyway I've been considering the P1 extreme on

My questions are;

I'm British (londoner),will I be able to source these easily, anyone got any shop recommendations?
How expensive are these amps?
How long does it take to build it?
How difficult is it for a complete beginner?
Any other tips?
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You might wanna start with modding amps or making simple pedals first before you start with putting together a full amp. Just to get some experience with soldering, doing things neatly, etc. It's a great hobby, but you might be going in a bit over your head with this as your first project. Although I suppose it IS a pretty simple amp.
Length of the build depends entirely on you and how fast you work. I think I could do that in a day or two.

No idea how expensive that would be in the UK or where you can get your parts from, sorry. I would suggest buying most stuff from an online shop, since those are usually cheaper. And then seek out a local store if it turns out you need one or two extra parts or something small.
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Considering the mess I have seen some make of just wiring up a simple strat pickguard and the dangers of the hi 300+ DC voltage in a tube amp while it is switched on I would not recomend building a tube amp as a first electrical project. A simple 1.5 volt lighthouse with a switch would be the place to start. Once you become confident and have built a few simple low voltage projects then maybe build a pedal or two.

As a kid I had an electonics set and I was always taking broken toys apart to see how they worked. Later I worked as a wireman then a prototype wireman. By the time I got into tube amps they were rather simple to work on compared to most of the equipment I had built in my job, I was also well aware of the dangers involved working with high voltages.

Start with something simple work up that way you won't get hurt.
I built my first amp in the same position as you. (Actually only a couple months ago, too.) Little to absolutely no knowledge in electronics.

The amp I built was a little Ruby amp, a tiny 0.5 watt, battery-powered amp. Housed in a shoebox.

Schematics, project progress, etc recorded in this thread.


I recommend it, it was a fun build, and doesn't sound half bad for what it is.