I got this piece of music I composed, and I need to speed it up. Are there any softwares that can do that without compromising the sound quality? I heard WMP could, but whenever I try to download it I get a message saying my Windows XP isn't validated.

Validate your windows man. =)

Get Audacity, I think that can do tempo changes.
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Quote by gooey moo
Validate your windows man. =)

Get Audacity, I think that can do tempo changes.

I really have no idea how to do that.

And I was hoping for a more simple media player over an actual recording software. I'll try it as a last resort though.
When in doubt google it.

I don't know how to validate XP. If it was W7 then yeah...

Good luck dude.
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you can do it with transcribe. theres a full 30 day free trial.

When I do that, can I save the faster version as a separate file so I still have it after the trial is over?
yeah mostly certain you can . it just saves as a regular mp3 file or whatever sort of file the music your speeding up is.

EDIT: just had the thought that transcribe may not work. you can speed up songs while your using the program but not sure if you can save them sped up. its been a while since my 30 day trial ran out so download it and have a look.
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Dude just use Audacity, it's piss easy. Open up your song, go to 'Effects > Change tempo' and bob's your proverbial uncle.

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