hi . im thinking of buying a dunlop Fuzz Face but am holding back due to the fact that its battery powered and has no 9v adapter. i use a boss pedal board which has the daisy chain style power supply. my question is can i buy a snap on 9v clip and power the pedal of the daisy chain. ive done this for my vox wah pedal and it works fine but when i tried it with an electro harmonix pedal i get massive buzz and hum. does any one know the reason for this and how the fuzz face might react on the pedal borad ?
You talking the red fuzz face?
THeyre pretty shit.

They might be postive ground too. WHich means they wont work daisy chained. If theyre negative ground they should be fine.

Make sure your power supply supplies enough current to power all your pedals. Make sure its the right voltage too.