Here's another "prog-core" song, similar in style to Centauri which I posted a week or so ago, you could even say it was "by the same band" if you like haha. Well I think it sounds in the same vein anyway.

Yeah so, my only gripe with this piece is I may have over used one riff in particular, but I think it pretty much covers its bases and its not all that noticeable. And I'm not sure how happy I am with how the breakdowns and interim sections pan out structure wise. but I AM fairly sure I like how abrupt the transitions are throughout that section.

Oh and as a side note, the ambient rhodes/sound effect stuff at the beginning, may also be worked into a longer piece for this fictional progcore demo cd I seem to be creating. I'm really into the idea of reoccuring themes and such, so as well as this ambient section it may also include other bits and pieces from throughout these "progcore" songs

See what you think.

I do have about 2-3 more tracks I'm working on that may or may not also be included on my ficitonal demo, but once I have something I'm proud of [or rather something as together as the two I have posted] you can be sure I'll post it all up.

EDIT: and yes these demo songs will ALL likely be named after stars/star systems.
#9 - progcore.gp5
#9 - progcore.mid
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Finally getting around to this... haha.

Anyways, this isn't exactly something I can crit well probably, seeing as it's a lot more proggy in way's then stuff I tend to listen to.

Very upbeat sound, revolving around the Ionian and Mixolydian roots most of the time. Nonetheless, it all overall works for what it's supposed to, which in general is what matters. The intro thing is really nice (I clicked on the Telephone track and was like WTF).

My only real gripe is that the closure feels fairly weak to me, it's sudden and the E power chord at that point just doesn't feel right, for me.

SIMPLE IDEA: Add some cliche crash cymbals with it maybe.

LONGER IDEA: Add some stuff to bring it to a smoother more satisfying close (an E5 could sound really nice ending)

Though maybe it's just me, make sure you go for what you think is right. ;P

Other than that, it's all really solid, does what it needs. Sounds good, sounds unique, not overly out there or anything.

Good job. ;o
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