Well, I just wanted to say "hi" to this huge, massive, great, awesome community/forum!

I'm 'PJ H' as you can see, and I just registered here.. Well, I'm 16 years old, I live in Holland/The Netherlands and I'm playing guitar since some time. I don't play any other instruments.

I was a gamer before, but gave the whole 'gaming-thing' up to focus more on the music/school and other things. I owned a PlayStation 3 and before that, a Xbox 360 and before that, a PlayStation 2.

My 'name' here, is just my name, which I have in real-life. I used to have a lot of other names (names at other communities and as a gamer). But now, I choose to use my own name (kind of) because I want it to be 'normal'..

Anyway.. Ow yeah; if I make any mistakes in typing stuff (grammar mistakes, etc.), don't blame me, I'm doing my best in speaking/typing other languages.

Well, It's really awesome to be registered here now.. I can't explain more, I must go now!

More later!

Goodbye and see you all!
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Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy it here. Check out the Pit if you have time, but try not to take anything in there too seriously
I was a gamer before i started guitar this year.... Gaming got boring m friends were wondering about the guitar ive had for 3 years.. and i decided to do something with it. + one plays the guitar and the other plays drums we could so get some oppeortunities for new things otehr than getting fat... and lazy
There's a thread devoted to gretttings, but welcome to UG though.
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