Hey all,

I'm providing a list of pedals that are now surplus to requirements - things that haven't been on my board for a loooong time - for various different reasons...

I'll put an asking price on everything, with an accurate description - Nothing comes with it's original box, but will package well for shipping. I'm more than happy to e-mail/PM pics of anything to anyone who's interested. All price are in GBP - and not inclusive of shipping.

Boss MD-2 - £40 - Excellent Distortion, works perfectly, though slight cosmetic wear all over

Danelectro FAB Drive - £15 - Cheap Drive, works perfectly, cosmetic marks and Heavy Duty velcro stuck to the base (hook side)

AXL Flanger - £15 - Boss flanger clone, first pedal I ever bought, works great, light cosmetic marks

Daphon Delay - £20 - Apparently it's an analog delay, I used to use it as a slap-back delay. Great sound, mint condition

Behringer Pedals - £20 each - All in similar condition, with very light cosmetic marks, some have the base label missing where velcro has been removed... Pedals are:

TP300 Ultra Tremelo/Pan - Clone of a Boss PN-2
AM100 Acoustic Modeler - Clone of Boss AM-3
DM100 Distortion Modeler - Clones of a DS-1, Modded DS-1 and RAT in one pedal
CS100 Compressor/Sustainer - Clone of Boss CS3
V-Tone GDI 21 - DI box/amp simulator

If you're interested, tell me what you have to offer - I'll let you know if I'm interested!

Thanks for looking guys!!