Hey EG,I'm planning on having a guitar built by a local luthier maybe next year. I'm not really sure of what I should make him build . I'm thinking of a flame maple charcoal burst strat. I've never seen one before. How does that sound? Btw, I play blues. Right now, all my guitars are single-cut style (les pauls). All ideas are welcome whether they'd be a different body,pickups,wood,whatever
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If you don't know what specs you want for a full luthier made custom guitar, don't bother ordering one.
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Hey,I just want some ideas so I could decide on what it would be. I just thought of this a few hours ago so I'm not really sure what to have on this guitar so I thought EG might help me. Plus, I'm not that knowledgeable about strats-style guitars. I've been a single-cut/les paul-style user for my whole guitar-playing life. lol
i like your strat idea/color. that'd look good on a telecaster style too. try mahogany for the core wood, and quilted maple for lam top. pickups are up to you entirely. and then the hardware is the same.
Just make sure you know exactly what specs you want on it, because building a custom guitar for looks is a waste of money unless you've got money to waste.
Thanks for the help. For those of you wondering about the thread title,sorry,it's pretty late here and i was supposed to type "help me make my decision". Can i get a mod to change the thread title? lol,thanks
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