Well i bought a guitar and an amp some days agora both used the guitar works very well no complains, the amp however has a crackling sound especially when I use the tone knob on the guitar and i also get shocks when I touch the metal parts of the guitar
The amp is an Behringer 15W V-Tone GM108, I already took the guitar to a shop and tried it there and no problems also connected it to the computer and no shocks.
Also i bought a new cable and the issue remains
Do you think that the amp is f*cked up or can it have something to do with ground wiring?
If is something to do with ground wiring can you guys tell me a cheap way to make it work until I have money to buy a nem amp

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It has to be ground wiring if the same amp doesn't do that in a guitar shop. An easy way to fix this would be to connet a metal wire from any metal part of the amp to a radiator.
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It's the ground on the amp. Get it fixed before you kill yourself.
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