The chords in bar 3 and 6 I thought should be changed to 767xxx and 564xxx.

I don't really like the flow of the first riff, and all the ringing sounds muddy. I would also move the repeat to bar 9, get rid of bar 10 and the alternate endings, but keep bar 11 so the run only finishes the second time. Bar 2-10 is like 9 bars of 3/4 and having bar 10.

I would just remove bars 42-49 unless you can pull it off and make it flow well in real life. I'm finding a lot of these time signatures unnecessary, especially the 13/16 bars which aren't adding anything. Because with the random changes and bass chords and shredding it really doesn't sound all that great. Though the 7/8 part from 18-25 was great.

However bar 61 and on were done well, you could now think about changing up the drums a bit or adding a fill or two. The solo was also done pretty well.

I thought it would be cool to reintroduce bar 2/6 in at the end where the distorted guitars play the progression at the end. I uploaded a tab of some of the changes if anything I said was unclear. Anyway, take this as you will.

And no C4C since I don't have anything uploaded.
Morbid Rabbit.gp5
Ok as we go...

Ooooh! I like the piano!

The 3/4th measures sound really frantic. I like that.

This doesn't really sound like a scale in Theme 2...

Solo of Death is my favorite part in theme 2. Its the only thing that makes any sense.

The 4/4 is really awesome.

45 on really sounds like a metal version of mario. Change that up a little and add a few standard chords in there.

Morbid rabbit is the really cool part until the mario theme.

61 with the piano is really reppetitive. Try throwing in a lead hand for it.

Morbid solo sound really really cool. but drops out too early.

93 really reminds me of opeth. (burden)

Im praying this will have vocals over it...?

Overall really cool, except some spots need some work. I really like the neil peart like drum fills, and I like the solos.

Overall, 6.5, 7/10

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