Got some new strings and polish. Before I'm gonna do anything I'm gonna make sure it's worth restringing.

Any tips on reviving it a little bit? There's a small chip on the front paintwork and the neck could do with some steel wool work. The last thing I remembered was the strings being high up so should I try changing the action before or after the restringing?

Thanks, any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Put strings down and then adjust action, just not too much or it will be back to Guitar Center for some new strings.

What strings have you got ? I reccomend D'addario strings.

Also any chance of Pictures of the actual guitar and not a stock ?
First, make sure the instrument is mechanically sound. Neck straight, bridge not pulling up, that sort of thing.
Then, go to Frets.Com:


and read the section on 'Instrument set-up". This will tell you everything to know about what the standard measurements for action are and how to adjust same if needed.

If you do not know the gauge of the strings that are on the guitar, take it to a shop and have them check with a micrometer.
String brand is not critical; nearly all "branded" strings are produced to spec in only a few factories. Phosphor-bronze strings sound a little less "crashy" when new. Some folks like that bright sound, however.