I'm setting up my squier bullet strat after putting Texas Specials in it. I followed a video online for truss rod adjustment and I've been pretty careful. With a capo one the first and finger on the last frets...I am gauging the gap between the bottom of the 6th string and the top of the 8th fret to be between .010" and .012" with a feeler gauge. I adjusted the rod and I read that fender action specs for a strat are 2/32" from the 17th fret. I can't get it there without horrible fret buzz...more like 4/32 is were it sounds acceptable.

Am I following a good procedure?
How is neck radius measured and do I need to consider it when adjusting the truss rod?

I would like the action to be 2/32" like it is supposed to (if it is indeed the correct spec) without the string buzz...that and I'm trying to reduce it so I can get better intonation.
I assume I'm adding tension when I push down the string to check it oon the 12th and lowering the action would reduce the tension.....
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on a squier bullet, you might have to do a bit of fretwork to get no buzz..

once of my main guitars is actually a bullet, and the only way I was able to get no fret buzz is by leveling and re-crowning the frets

edit: one thing that people often forget when adjusting action is the height of the nut. you may have to shim yours up to get acceptable action