I'm working out a little 2 minutes "Solo/Jam" from a live show from a Korn DVD (If you don't like Korn that's fine, just get the idea of the question) and was wondering if these sort of tabs get accepted? This particular jam has 166,000+ views on youtube. But yeah, let me know if i can do this or not, i don't wanna get slapped in the face with a D.

NOTE: I've seen quite a lot of these tabs being accepted, but I'm still not sure.
Oh yeah. Just look at the Metallica tab pages, there is a lot of solo/jam material from their "Live Sh!t: Binge and Purge), even one line tabs.

Just tab it out, submit it, and see what happens. I'm sure others want to play it too and as long as your tab is correct (or close given some of the stuff I've seen on here) you'll be alright, it's not like they're going to ban you or anything because you tabbed something that wasn't on an album release.
Alright sweet man thanks ^.^

And yeah without sounding like a stuck up douche, I'm pretty sure my tab is gonna be dead on accurate =D