I am currently at an all time low of finding songs to learn to help improve my playing.
I have been playing for about a year now and would like to improve my picking and finger speed a bit more and to improve or learn new techniques.
The most advance stuff i know at the moment is:
Satsugai - Detroit Metal City
Tears dont fall (excluding solo but would love to be able to play it) - Bullet For My valentine
Lifeline - Papa roach
Dead Memories ( same as BMFV ) - Slipknot
Any help would be grateful
I've been there before. I couldn't find songs that were above what I could play but not "easy" enough for me to still be able to play more than a few bars at like 25% speed.
I ended up stepping out of my comfort zone music wise. I found some poppy music, one of those stupid High School Musical songs my niece loved and some blues. I only enjoyed listening to the blues stuff but playing the stuff I didn't like hearing seemed to help me because I hated playing it but I wasn't going to stop until I had them down.
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i would recommend some classic rock like led zeppelin, rush, and boston, or maybe some easier metal like metallica and iron maiden.
learn theory before songs,scales,chords,etc.....dont rely on the tab.
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learn theory before songs,scales,chords,etc.....dont rely on the tab.

I agree with this. Work on some theory now, TS.
there are many lessons on UG teaching theory. search for scales under lessons and many different lessons will come up. Learn techniques to they will help alot (sweep picking, alternate picking etc.)
Quote by CAGEDtheory
learn theory before songs,scales,chords,etc.....dont rely on the tab.

Can't stress this enough. You can also try to find an instructor in your area and take a lesson here or there for more intimate tips on how to improve. I for instance spent 6 years just playing tabs and usually the same songs until I learned a bit of theory and started learning scales. For me I need to develop better muscle memory and dexterity before I can improve...so scales are my key to the next level.
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It's impossible to tell from your description how to help you improve.

Without extra info the only advice i personally can offer up is - work on your picking, work on finger independence, minimum movement and learn a new lick or idea every day.

Also, improvising in different keys is a really good exercise, and if you don't know barre chords now would be a decent time to learn them.
its mainly intended for piano but if you know the notes on the fretboard it'll still apply. Chord builds, scale builds and degrees, intervals all that good stuff is on this website, just dont try to take it too fast, learn each topic slowly and THOROULY. It may seem dumb but in the long run especially for song writing it helps A LOT.
Everything new you learn improves you as a guitarist regardless of how "easy" or "hard" you percieve it to be.
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