I'm borrowing my friends GK Backline 210 combo bass amp, it's 300w and I like it a lot. He asked me to return it today and I offered to buy it, he's asking $250. I think it's around $500 brand new, correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't play bass, I just use it for writing with some friends, but is it a good amp? Could I get anything better for $250?

Thanks, Godbless
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^This and then some. Frankly--if he's willing to dump it at that price, I'd be wary. There are much better options sound wise. I've never been horribly impressed by any of the lower end GKs.
The Backline series has always had some QC problems and the tones aren't quite as useable as those from the better GK stuff. I've found that the combos tend to distort even at low volumes, which is annoying as hell. I'd look for an Acoustic combo in that price range, or if you will spend a bit more money look at Carvin's offerings.
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