Hey, I'm looking at buying my first electric guitar, having previously played an ordinary yamaha acoustic for the past year and a half. After looking around, I am torn between the following:

1. Yamaha pacifica 112v
2. Squier 50's classic vibe strat

At the moment I play songs from artists such as radiohead, syd barrett, pavement etc, but have a keen interest in blues music and classic rock from artists from the 60's so would love to eventually try my hand at those types. I have a pretty broad interest though in terms of music I like. I just want to get a good guitar for the money I'm spending though (£200-250) which will last me a decent time and will be good for me.

I would love a third opinion from you guys, so which guitar do people consider the best? If you were to rate it on sound, performance etc?

I've never played a yamaha electric, but if they're built like their acoustic they won't be half bad. I feel like a low dollar acoustic goes a lot farther than a low dollar electric.


I have played the squier strat just messing around at GC and that gets my vote.

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the Squier is perfect for what you want. Also, check out the 60's one, same price, might be a bit better for what you want to play.
also consider the vintage advance av6- there are HSS, SSS and 3 p90 versions...
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The Classic Vibe strats are really nice, nearly the same quality as MIM fenders.
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a lot of people like the pacifica, and ive played a couple myself that were decent (hasnt been anytime recently). usually the question is a regular squier against the pacifica, and the pacifica seems to be the better option a lot of the time. once you step up to the classic vibe series though, thats going to be better than the yamaha imo. im not sure ive actually played any of the guitars, but i played most of the bass range and was really impressed. i ended up with a different cheap bass because it was more what i wanted, but those classic vibe instruments are very nice. would take one over the yamaha most days.