Do You think its better to buy guitar stuff online or at a store....I like to play the guitar for fun and am really good at teaching my self ne songs. I whent to buy a capo but it was like 24 bucks. should I get one online or just go to a store??

Well, quite obviously, if there is a store near you, you can just go there and pick one up and have it straight away. Where as online you'll have to wait for it to get to you.

For serious gear like guitars and amps, I'd always recommend buying from a store and trying the one that you'll potentially be buying before you do so.. For something like a capo though, it dosn't really matter.

As for price, depends where you look.

This thread seems mind-numbingly pointless though.
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I buy in-store. i agree with ^ that its "mind-numbingly pointless". I do however like to buy in-store to check out the cosmetic flaws of the guitar or amp i'm buying so i don't have any unknown problems when i buy it