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So im ordering a new iPod right now but I wanted to think of something witty or funny to get engraved on it. Right now the only ones I have are

Demo model do not remove from store

Batmobile part number: B14H6534L2

My other iPod is a Millennium Falcon


Please do not eat

Trapped in iPod factory, please help!

Anyone have any other suggestions? What do you have engraved on your iPod?
People engrave shit on their iPods?
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I wouldn't get anything engraved on it. If you want to sell it later on you'll probably get much less for it.
First one is alright, but why even get one?
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"Dear Lisa: May your new saxophone bring you many years of D'oh!"

Replace saxophone with iPod.
My answer would be don't be a tit and engrave something into your ipod

And no, do not engrave that into your ipod
"hi I feel it necesarry to egrave something on my ipod that shows im a cool guy and that the funny remark on my ipod im also fun and witty"

that should do it
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First and last are funny haha. I like iPod engravings. Both of mine had them, my first one with the olympics motto and the second just my name.
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"hi I feel it necesarry to egrave something on my ipod that shows im a cool guy and that the funny remark on my ipod im also fun and witty"

that should do it

This. Seriously.
Just get a giant **** on the back of it.
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You know, on second thought, don't use that, it's mine.
Put something funny, so if it ever gets stolen, the person has more reason to laugh at you.
You are the only person that will ever look at the back of your ipod.
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You are the only person that will ever look at the back of your ipod.

No silly, he will hold it in a way that everybody will be able to see it and tell him how witty he is
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anything is engravable, not just ipods specifically.

anyway, ipod engravings...
how about "Apple Fanboy" or "Certified Music Trendy"
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Don't Panic

Make sure you specify that it is in big, friendly letters.
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I ordered an android phone and received this. FML
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And this.
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