Ok so I found a jsx used for 500 bucks. Its the combo version and Ive heard great things about it and samples of it that sound greta, but have never played it myself. I also found a v3 head for only 400 bucks. I have played a v3 and it was pretty nice. The lead tone on the v3 was t die for. So heres the situation. I kind f between the two. My 18th birthday is in like 2 weeks and my parents are gonna help me buy an amp. They'll spend 2-3 hundred, I figure I'll get 2 hundred or so from relatives for the bday. So the jsx I wouldnt have to pay much of anything out of the 900 bucks I have saved up. If I get the v3 then I'll probably have to spend 200 or so for a cab for it. Heres what I like and dont like about the amps: The jsx I like the presence and resonance controls and the 3 channels, but Ive heard the crunch channels isnt great. Carvin v3: I llike the fact that the 2 drive channels are the same so that I can get a rhythm and lead tone with similar gain and eq structures. I also like the v3 because of the boost feature and all the switches, like the gain switches, intense, thinck and center. With those switches I could just walk over to the amp, flip 2 switches and be ready to go from dream theater to acdc and thats great for me. I'm into some heavy stuff like metallica, dream theater, iron maiden and alice in chains, but i do like some 70s and 80s rock and some jazz/ blues too. And i know both amps are very versatile. When I played the v3 the guy in front of me was obviously a big dream theater fan and was playing petruccis solo to the count of tuscany when I approached him. He seemed like he knew a lot about amps and said the amp sounded a lot like a mesa boogie to him. And I've always loved john petrucci's tone throughout his career. Is there a wrong choice between these 2 amps? Which one should I get?
Theres really no wrong choice. Both are pretty good amps. The carvin packed with features, but as a result I think the sound kinda suffers. When I played it, it sounded kinda thin on the gain channels. Now thats not to say that the gain channels sound bad, they just werent my cup of tea. And I cant really say that it sounds like a mark V, because Ive never played mark V. I own the JSX head, and I can say that I love the sound. Very versatile on all channels. The clean is kinda boring, but not bad. And as for the crunch channel, imho i think is the on the best qualities of the amp. I dont think you can go wrong with either desicion, but at least try to play a jsx, just in case.
Edit: I have clips of my JSX in my profile aswell. they're really quiet (My fault). But they sound fine. I cover all three channels.
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I don't know a lot about either amp but it sounds like you like the V3 better, you talked about it a lot more then the JSX.
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I did notice the v3 was a little thin, but i figured that was because of how the guy eq'd it since he set up the channels and had me play through them. The rhythm sound was good but i loved how it sounded when playing a lead. And part of the reason it may have sounded thin was because I played a peavey 3120 right beforehand. That's a great amp too. Man I've never heard an amp with so much gain. The v3 isnt nearly as brutal, but i want the versatility. But I do need an amp that can do dream theater and not like generic dream theater, like as i am/ panic attack dream theater, I lpve gain, but not so much that the amp hums as soon as you stop playing *cough 3120* But I guess into the v3 since I could boost for leads and have 2 identical gain channels. If I buy the v3 than yes I need to spend an extra 150-200 for a cab ( v3 is 100 less to begin with so i figure fr 250- 300 I could find a good cab used) but i wouldnt need a volume pedal really. With the jsx I would have to use one to change volumes to go between lead and rhythm volumes, but not the v3. and the v3 has 3 different sounds on the gain channel and has a master eq and channel eq. The jsx has the essentials and more but the v3 has everything you could want on an amp. But if the v3 doesnt sound as good as the jsx then maybe the jsx is right for me, but I still really dont know what to do...help!
I don't know where you heard that about the crunch channel on the JSX... A lot of people seem to prefer it. I read complaints about the ultra channel, though.

The JSX is a great amp. You can run a cable from the send to the return of the effect loop and use it as a boost. The clean channel is great for taking pedals. Crunch channel can do anything from Led Zeppelin to lower-gain metal. My bad is covering Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold (don't worry, I don't really like A7X), and i play it with the crunch channel with the gain on around 6 or so. The fat switch is good for getting a heavier, fuller tone, too. I was worried about the master presence, reverb, and resonance controls too, but once you get a good balance for your clean and distorted channels for those settings, it's really not a worry.

The Ultra channel is good but if you want a more modern, American voicing (like if you want to play Dream Theater), you might want to use 6L6 tubes or even KT77's.
Okay. I really like the jsx. I just dont want to buy the wrong amp. Although its only 500 bucks, but shipping's another 100 so its not too much I just hope I like it. And I know it will be 10 times better than my line 6 spider amp. I just really like the modern sounding mesa type sound. The only channel that I like on my spider is the red metal channel which is modeled after a mesa. But i mean I will use it for dream theater like but I play like dream theater stuff like hollow years and through her eyes. Those are more like ballads almost. Basically I play music that spans the genres that dream theater plays...from rock ballad to intense prog metal headbanging stuff and I know the jsx can nail rock and hard rock tones but high gain tones are important to me too. The amp was produced in 2007 and apparently the tubes have plenty of juice left in em. Anybody else with sound samples or words of wisdom?