As the titel indicates I finally managed to gather enough people for a band. Seeing as so many local bands got so shitty recordings on their myspace sites, I decided to kick their asses with this song's recording.

All riffs of this song except the verse and the chorus are take from previously recorded jams, I just put the song and the solos together today in a few hours to get things going.

I only tabbed my solos since I don't want to dictate the other guitarist what to play. Lyrics will also be written.

I try to get this recorded within a month, it all depends on my drummer though.

As usual I wrote it with RSE, recording on my profile.


edit: just ignore that midi stuff attachment, I'm just using this thread since you can't send files via PN's
Funkrock etc.zip
midi stuff.zip
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I realize that imitation is a wonderful form of flattery and all, but in a great many of your recent songs you are no longer imitating my riffs and progressions, you're stealing them outright.

Fine, everyone takes ideas from other people, but cmon, be a little less transparent about it.
well, granted, the main riff here really is a shameless rip off of mr cool, but everything else isn't intended to be imitating you. Since I have listened to your songs hundreds of times, it had a great impact on my writing style and it just gets in my music without me noticing it.

that especially goes for chord progressions, since I don't know shit about chords and can't even hear similarities certain chord progressions share, in general.

I can assure you though, I'm not ripping you off on purpose (anymore). Hells highway and mr. five started out as imitations or even covers since I was trying to capture the mood of reverse and mr cool and to learn to write funk rock.

I'll keep that in mind and double-check my next works though.
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