well...people say i sing wel..i don believe that :P. well i play guitar and wen i play chords i jus naturally match the chords. i mean the notes if i go off note, i can figure it out tat it sounds hella odd.
Well..what are the basic vocal theory? how are the notes SANG? please help on the very basic stuff.
Vocal theory is the exact same as any linear instrument theory; air is used to create notes, which is shaped in a number of ways to cut and add frequencies to formulate a fundamental. The faster the air moves at the start, the higher the note.

Sing from your diaphragm, which essentially feels like pushing air from the lowest region of your lungs past your vocal chords. Some people say that it feels like pushing air from your ass to your mouth, fine. Then what you do is 'place' the air on your hard palette to form notes, and try to keep singing by stretching your vocal chords to a minimum; you can be seriously hurt by stretching, and the process of stretching can also form vocal nodules, hampering your range and tone.

Second... LOOK IT UP ON WIKIPEDIA. The article on WIKIPEDIA is actually fairly decent.