well, im going to buy an amp soon and i decided i want the engl gigmaster, but in the end i dont have enough money.
so now im deciding if i want the blackstar ht5 or the fender superchamp XD
ht5 pros:
-a lot of good reviews
-can do heavy metal(maiden and metallica)
-fx loop
ht5 cons:
-ive seen a lot of people on ug writing that they sound like shit and some even say that its not really a tube amp
SCXD pros:
-16 different overdrives
-built in effects
SCXD cons:
-may be too loud for home use(?)
-eq controls consist of only bass and treble
-no fx loop(but there are built in effects so its not that important)
-probably wont be able to do metal(?)

im also going to buy a guitar and its probably going to be: epi lp tribute / mim hss strat / washburn wi66pro / chapman ml2
and i need it to be good for anything except jazz
and i need enough gain to play metallica

so.... what should i do?
Is there anything stopping you from getting the Gigmaster? If that's the amp you really want, you should save up for it.

Are you buying used or new?
new, and i dont wanna go used
and im 15 and i cant get a job, so i cant save up for it
Any particular reason why you won't go used? Because for $500 (the price of a new HT-5) you could find some SWEET used stuff.
first of all i want a low wattage combo tube(or hybrid) amp and these are the most popular ones in that category
i dont live in the u.s and theres not alot of used gear here, and its expensive anyways....
by the way, im ordering it from thomann
I've no idea about the HT-5, never used one, but I used to have the Super Champ XD, so I can fill you in on that. It's certainly not too loud for home use - it's only 15 watts and it's not like you can't just turn the volume control down. I never found the limited EQ controls to be a problem, but that's is because it's a modelling amp. You set the general tone with the amp models and the EQ section is just there to control the sound for the room, allowing you to turn the bass down if you're in a small room, for example. Effects loops is... meh. I've never been bothered by it, very few people have any need for an effects loop. Most people use stomp box effects and those are designed to go before the amp anyway. As for metal, the Super Champ XD certainly can do it. It's got about four settings which are suitable for metal of various types. I certainly never had any problem getting metal tones out of it.
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