Hello guys,

Im having dificulty getting a good sound from my guitar Its a yamaha ERG 121 and i was wondering if it is because of a bad amp or the guitars a bit wierd.. anyway the guitar is 3 years old and the amp is a GA10 from yamaha.. im looking at around £100-200 budget any recomendations will be great

wrong place for this, but i'll let it slide.

to be brutally honest, in that price range you aren't really gonna get anything that will make your tone that much better.
Your set up is very entry level. This is nothing to be ashamed of if you are just starting out, but trust us, saving up a little money can go a long way later on. Do not purchase that Jaxville, friend. You might think it looks cool but there are no specs on the thing and there is no way it will sound good, especially not better than the guitar you already have. It will be a waste of money. Also (I'm not sure how old you are but) you might regret it when you get older unless you're into ironic comedy. I bought a BC Rich Warlock when I was 13 which I nearly immediately regretted. I now find it funny and play it live all the time, but I digress...

If you're into Les Paul styles, maybe check Epiphones or LTD's. Here's an LTD that's nearly in your price range


Also, check ebay if you're open to it. You can find some great deals there.

Honestly though I would recommend upgrading your amp first...
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After reasing other threads and things i noticed how people dislike starter amps thus, the one i have is only the GA10 amp that came with the guitar i'll just invest in a new amp.. i just dont know where to start