Hey there UG guys just thought I'd share one of my more recent recordings with you

I threw this together rather quickly for a friend who is doing an intro to it so forgive the sloppy playing

I applied some eq here and there to some of the tracks

I used an agile intrepid pro 8 string (through a 6505+) and Superior Drummer as my drum tracks

No bass guitar yet since I'm still figuring what tuning would work to cover the low end..

On the gear side I used 2 sm57's ran through an art preamp into a lexicon lambda. mixing was done in Cubase LE 4

I appreciate all comments/suggestions

link is here:http://www.myspace.com/inourowngrave

the song is at the very bottom entitled "new song second mix"

ps. I only did one guitar track however I normally do 2 but I had interface issues that have since been fixed..so harmonies are missing to some of the riffs...
Death..Is Just The Beginning..
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Cool song, the 8string has a really weird presence (maybe has to do with the panning. Hopefully once the 2nd guitar track is added you'll have a more natural atmosphere. Keep it up!

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thanks for the input I appreciate it, one issue (that I have since taken care of) with this track is the way I had the preamp setup..I had the gain maxed out with the limiting switch on, therefore it was cutting out certain frequencies of the guitar..hopefully round 2 will sound much better seeing as how I didn't apply my normal recording procedure which includes recording with a Noise gate and using a tube screamer on the second guitar track
Death..Is Just The Beginning..