i did like it, but just a little friendly crit: tell your girlfriend to wake up! there wasn't much emotion in her singing. she has a great voice, full of potential, but it just didn't have emotion.

all in all though, well done.

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I really like this song, and I really liked your rendition of it. Your girlfriend has a great, unique voice... it's a cool combination of grungy and jazzy.
Overall, everything was balanced nicely.
The only criticism I have is when the male harmony vocals come in for the first time on the chorus it sounds a bit off.

c4c? all my threads are months and months old, so if you want to just comment on my profile page that'd be cool. either "a specific point in present time mix 2" or "indifference"

thanks alot you guys, thanks for the encouragement and crits, were working on some more music and ill def listen to what you guys have to say
oh, and would anybody have any suggestions as to any other songs to cover? thanks