The Jonas Brothers are the best band ever formed and i know that 98 persent of teenagers agree with me. those of you who dont like the Jonas Brothers need to learn how to apreshiate good music. Tho alot of peeple dont want to face it, the Jonas Brothers are way more talented than bands like metalica, led zepplin, jimie hendrix, slipnot, rush, van halen, nirvana all those bands suck and have bad guitarists and song riters. the jonas brothers can actually play there insterments and no how to actually rite real songs. The jonas brothers themselves sed that they were better and more influenshal than the beatles and i think they are rite. The beatles also suck. they wish they were jonas brothers but there not. Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas are soooo amazing guitar players they are so good that they just blow everyone else completely out of the water. gitarists like joe satriani, jimmy page, dave mustane, kurt cobane, yngwe mamsteen have no real talent on the guitar and are soo easily smoked by the jonas brothers. the jonas brothers are also way better than metal becase metal gitarists only use one string and all the cords sound the same. the jonas brothers use all 6 strings and have very creative cords, unlike stupid gay metal bands like death cannibal corpse slayer dragonforce and venom. all those bands suck hard, they wish they were like the jonas brothers but theyre not. Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas are among rocks greatest guitarists of all time, which are Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Justin Bieber Tom Kaulitz Ray Toro Frank Lero Phat J Ryan Peake Murray Cook all of rocks worst guitarists are the poser guitarists i menshuned above. The jonas brothers are even more talented than baytoven and mozart ever were, the jonas brothers are going to be the future and finale of music so you should just get used to it.
I dont know who you are or why you're saying such stupid shit so I'm going to ask you politely to shut the **** up and go hang yourself from your nutsack. Have a nice day.

I lol'd.
they're coming to take me away
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like what the **** they no how to play their effin instruments?!?!?! a ****in tamborine is an instrument played professionally by most four year olds!!! xxx