These are a few little ditties I created. The first 5 songs are new and on an unreleased album and the last 5 songs are part of a 10-song album that's already been released (only locally).

Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you scroll down, you'll see that We Came As Romans actually commented on my MySpace haha.
I really liked it. Cool mix of a lot of different feels and moods. What sort of recording software(s) did you use to put that together?
That was really cool eh. Sweet tones and the guitar coming in was pretty sick. Just the ending on the second one sounded a bit forced. The rest of the song was sweet though. GL
Thanks a lot for the feedback. I use LogicPro on everything you hear. And to Darkmessiahnz, I totally know what you mean about the ending, I'm still iffy about it and I may just cut it out if I can't get it. It's a work in progress haha.