As the title says I'm bored on a Saturday working on this song I started to mess around with on my guitar. Anyway the chord progression goes from bm to A then back to bm.

After i end on the second bm im kinda stuck. Any ideas as to what other chords I could add. Please note I'm trying to give the song a kind of melodic, yet emotional feel. Any and all help would be appreciated.

i often use those two when using A and Bm: play the scale the song is in, thats the simplest way to do it other than intuition
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You probably want D or G , but to be in key you have..

Bm C#m7b5 DM Em F#m or M GM AM
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ThNks guys these chords have really helped. I'm taking the meat and potatoes approach. Nothing to fancy just a straight forward song that doesn't take a month to figure out. The F# and dsus 2 work really well after the bm chord.
That seems like either the i to IV and back to the i of B minor, or the ii to I to ii in A major. From there, you can try to make the progressions diatonic or go to different keys. It's good to have a tonal center, at least to think in terms of. That way you're not completely in the dark. Now get creative!
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