Hey everyone! I just picked up my first guitar and equipment yesterday and proceeded to learn from "Zeguitarist's" guide that is posted on this site.

He posts this gigantic list of chords that I guess i am expected to practice and understand. He goes on to power chords which I understand just fine. After that he gives me some Chord progressions to practice and thats where my knowledge completely stops.

I thought about transforming the chords into power chords but I have no clue how to do that.

Do you guys have any advice or a link to another lesson about chords that might be easier to understand?

well...youve got to learn other chord voicings.

power chords for chords like add9's and maj7ths dont exist (though some would argue that 357xxx and 3544xxx count as PC's).

grin and bear it. power chords are neither major or minor, so you can play any chord with them unless theyre flat 5 chords. learn open chords and look at learning more advanced chords.
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