While my guitar is taken apart and getting painted, I'm looking at upgrading to better bridge saddles for it. Right now, I have some passable saddles but it's off a cheap Washburn and I know that they aren't of the best quality.

1.) I've been looking at replacing them, and the spacings for the one's I've seen are 10.5mm and 10.8 mm. The ones I have now are 10.0 mm and I'm worried that if I buy different ones, they will be too wide. Here is what I've been looking at: http://cgi.ebay.com/BLACK-ROLLER-SADDLES-UPGRADE-set-6-Fender-Guitar-GS1B-/110516558025?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item19bb4cd8c9

2.) What is the name of the piece directly under the saddles where the saddles rest? I've been looking at replacing that too.

Hell, I might as well just buy a whole new bridge in general..

TL;DR - Need help with bridge saddle sizes and spacing.
One month later, I'd still like some help with this.

Also, do black bridge plates even exist? I haven't bee able to find one ANYWHERE online.

Since my guitar will be a base color of black with a secondary color of burnt orange, would gold or black hardware go along better with it?
you might better off measuring the length from e to e at the saddles, and the distance between the outer two pivot screws if its a six screw bridge.

what kinda guitar body is it going into?
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