i've been playing guitar for a longg time., but only at my own leisure and so have pretty much formed horrible technique and just not very good all around.

i have a question regarding sweeping. i find that for me, it is much easier to sweep pick arpeggios that are near and above the 12th fret with only 3 fingers. for example


id use my ring finger for 12, middle for 11, index for 9, middle for 10, index for 9, and hammer on and off with my ring finger.

My question is...all i've seen ppl do for sweeping would be starting the sweep with thier pinky and go down in the corresponding finger positions. is it more beneficial to start practicing sweeping using all 4 fingers? or just keep doing what is easier for me?
I'm not going to tell you to not do that, but I will say this: you have 4 fretting fingers. Why not use them?
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I would say you should work on using your pinky to sweep that. Do it however you feel comfortable playing it, but it'd suck if you were to sweep a m7 on the top four strings which needs every finger and you couldn't use your pinky.
I used to sweep with three fingers, and I've played that exact piece with three fingers for a while.
But trust me..You'll regret learning it that way.
It took me a long long time to re learn sweeping.
Use all four fingers, because once you get into more advanced sweeps, 4 fingers will give you more accuracy and speed.
And overall just looks more 'cool'. ?

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I've always found that particular arpeggio shape easier using only three fingers...but if it doesn't work for you, it'd be a good idea to practice using the pinky as well.
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Andy James of Lick Library does his sweeps 3-finger style in his sweeping DVD.


I sweep with 3 fingers as well - well, the only instance where I use my pinky is when I'm doing the pull off/hammer on on the first string or when I really have to stretch to reach a note (like stretching from fret 3 to 7). I don't think there's anything wrong with that, and to be honest I still haven't seen a sweep that I couldn't play.